• Djuwaḻpada

    Yolŋu songman Daniel Wilfred performs all over the world with his voice and biḻma(clapping sticks). Last year, he travelled with his uncle David Wilfred from the top to the bottom of Australia to share his manikay …

  • ICTV Admin Officer/Programmer - Gina Campbell

    Gina Campbell describes her position at ICTV.

  • Messages Home: Quentin Walker (Song)

    The newest micro-series from ICTV lets community members away from home send a message back to their friends and families through ICTV. This episode features Quentin Walker sending a message home to family, while he …

  • Transforming Pollution Into Art

    Video produced by the Department of Communications and the Arts Australia in celebration of the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

  • Wild bush orchid: Pach Puchalam.

    Pach Puchalam, a wild bush orchid growing on the Wik lands of Cape York, is a plant with many uses. Some of these uses will be explained in this short film. Join the Aurukun Indigenous Knowledge Centre for a cultural …

  • Remote Indigenous Media Festival Travel Blog By Thamarrurr Development Corporation Broadcasting Team

    On the 22nd to the 27th of September, The Thamarrurr Development Corporation broadcasting team attended the 20th Remote Indigenous Media Festival on Waiben (Thursday Island) hosted by Torres Strait Islander Media …

  • Videos
    1. Ngura Piltingka by Jennifer Wells
    2. Taunukutu
    3. Wati Kutju by Mervin Adamson
    4. Malu Wipu Kutjani
    5. Tjitji Kutjara Kawankatingu (Two Boys Lost)
    6. Wati Kutjunkga Wama Tjikini
    7. Maralinga Story
    8. Nyinku & Matha
    9. Tjala
    10. Otitis Media: Don't Get Tackled, Get Checked
    11. Kalumburu Aug-15 Our Lady Feast Day
    12. Kalumburu Weekends: Ian Waina Fishing Day
    13. Vine Thickets of the Dampier Peninsular
    14. Minyma and Maku
    15. Stuart Nelson in Sydney
    16. Irrunytju Band Clip for Bush Bands Bash Concert
    17. Place Names - Nalina Nalina
    18. You Wanna Party With Us? by Daz & Layla
    19. Nothing Really Matters by Steven Pigram