• Climate Change in North Australia

    This animation was adapted from one developed by Live and Learn Environmental Education and Pacific Island people to raise awareness of climate change causes and impacts in the Pacific. NAILSMA and Live and Learn adapted …

  • Alknge Irlpe: Sadadeen School Song

    Alknge Irlpe: Sadadeen School Song Starring Tanika McCormack, Summer Rose Nicho, Mercade Strawbridge, Lyesha Tilmouth, Samantha Lama, Marlene Ebatarinja, Qyra Gardiner, Simon Gautam, & Leilani Biliew.

  • Desert Harmony Festival 2019 - Artists Of The Barkly

    The Desert Harmony Festival aims to focus on range of different cultures and art elements. During the 2019 festival, we brought up Victorian artist Wayne Elliott, who supported Barkly Regional Arts' work …

  • My Art, My Culture: Heather Anderson

    A series from Barkly Regional Arts, showcasing local artists of the Barkly region. This episode we talk to Heather Anderson, as she goes to Rocky Downs station where she went to school and presents a painting talking …

  • Wati Kulintja Kurra – Man Not Thinking Clearly (Ngaanyatjarra)

    Emotional literacy animations in Pitjantjatjara and Ngaanyatjarra. Developed by and for Anangu living in the central desert region to keep language strong - in particular the language for talking about mental health. …

  • Jobs at ICTV

    ICTV is hiring!! Come work with us in Alice Springs. There's two jobs available: Administrative & Finance Officer (Indigenous identified position) & Business Development & Marketing Coordinator …

  • Videos
    1. DanceSite '09 - Alice Springs Telegraph Station (Part 1)
    2. Road Safety CSA
    3. Exile and the Kingdom - Part 1
    4. Exile and the Kingdom - Part 2
    5. Ankerr
    6. Angety Basketball-Akert
    7. Thip Akely-Rnem
    8. Tyap
    9. Irrer Alhem Awerrpek Mwerr-Iletyek
    10. Angety Kemarr Atherr-Kenh
    11. Arrwekeleny Lyeteny (Old Ways & New Ways)
    12. Awely Anter
    13. Ilpengk-slideshow
    14. lywemp-lyempek Arety-Alhek
    15. Saltwater Cowboy by the Pigram Brothers
    16. Barefoot Kid by the Pigram Brothers
    17. Caring for dogs and communities - Worms
    18. Caring for dogs and communities - Desexing Your Dogs
    19. Caring for dogs and communities - Preventing Skin Sores
    20. Caring for dogs, communities and country (Camp dogs and dingos)