The popular ICTV television drama, Our Place, is now available online at ICTV PLAY (at www.ictv.com.au).

The series, which was launched two weeks ago in Alice Springs at the Araluen Arts Centre, received an overwhelming response from audiences with feedback such as “Our Mob.” “Realistic, funny and insightful. A very local production that depicts the different connections to country and family.”

ICTV is hoping that the online viewing experience will deliver the same positive response, but this time from a much wider audience.  Our Place’ on ICTV PLAY is the first time the series will be viewed by an audience outside of remote Australia and Alice Springs.

Our Place’ tells the story of everyday life in remote Aboriginal community.  But unlike the many negative news stories we are usually confronted with, ‘Our Place’ presents a humorous and dramatic outlook on the ‘other Australia’

Written and directed by local Indigenous media makers, Warren H Williams and Micha Bartlett, the series features an impressive all Indigenous cast of local talent and was shot in Amoonguna and Alice Springs.

The four-part series is an independent production by Indigenous Community Television (ICTV), with funding coming from the federal government and a range of other sources including crowd funding donations and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

The full series can be viewed on this website as follow:

Episode1              https://ictv.com.au/video/item/3586

Episode 2             https://ictv.com.au/video/item/3590

Episode 3             https://ictv.com.au/video/item/3591

Episode 4             https://ictv.com.au/video/item/3592

A number of interviews with actors about their school experiences are also available on ICTV PLAY by searching for “Our Place School Stories”.

ICTV is currently seeking a free-to-air broadcast of the series, and is exploring options for a second season.  For further information, contact Rita Cattoni at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 08 8952 3118.

For reviews on the series, please go to: