• NG Media Capture Bedtime Stories

    NG Media has filmed some of the Western Desert’s finest storytellers spinning yarns in front of campfires for ICTV’s Bedtime Stories series. Through word of mouth and community suggestions, the NG Media crew have been on an impromptu tour from Wingellina to Blackstone and Warburton filming elders.

  • Tech Update: DJI Mavic Pro

    The newest ICTV staff member can fly!

    The ICTV programming department is very excited to welcome the newest addition to the ICTV equipment register, the DJI Mavic Pro.

    The Mavic Pro is one of the more compact drones available from DJI with 4K video available at 30fps, weighing in at only 734 grams! 

  • Pro Bono Advertising with ICTV

    As an Indigenous television service, ICTV is passionate about delivering cultural and community programming to remote communities across the country. They are in good company as a not-for-profit organisation. From health care to arts work, the not for profit organisations working within remote Australia are endless. These agencies work tirelessly to provide a service and are often run on incredibly limited budgets. 

  • ICTV at Purple House

    521km West of Alice Springs at the Kintore Community Clinic, patients spend five hours at a time in a dark and quite room hooked up to a dialysis machine. Under the comfort of a minky blanket and with no distraction other than a television, some patients can spend up to 15 hours on dialysis a week.

  • Our Languages Matter on ICTV

    ICTV has a very special week of programming planned for Naidoc Week this year. In keeping with the 2017 theme of Naidoc Week  ‘Our Languages Matter’,  ICTV will be showcasing a wide variety of languages. From July 2- 9, every program you see on ICTV will be in an Indigenous language or on the topic of Indigenous languages.

  • Bedtime Stories Production

    Is there anything cosier or more comforting than being tucked up and told a good bedtime story before drifting off to a good nights sleep?

  • ICTV In Alice Springs: Well Worth the Wait

    While remote communities have been enjoying ICTV on their screens since 2012, Alice Springs residents are only now becoming an official audience, which means there are about to be a lot of familiar faces and culture spotted on channel 41.

  • EPG for ICTV

    If you’ve been having a bit of difficulty keeping track of what you’re watching on ICTV


  • Tiwi Island Football Finals

    The Tiwi Island Football Grand Finals have always been a highlight for the Top End calendar. Hoards of people make the trip from the mainland to revel in the atmosphere, talent and competiveness, making it the busiest day at Darwin airport.

  • Country League and Community Cup LIVE BROADCAST

    ICTV will be in the midst of the action at Traeger Park in Alice Springs this Easter Sunday during The Country League and Community Cup.

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Contributor Profiles

  • Whirlpool

    Imagine riding in a feeble dinghy through rough seas in the Dampier Peninsula with a policeman that has just arrested you. Imagine your feeble dinghy gets sucked into a whirlpool and while the constable drowns you are spared, once again a free albeit wet man. 

  • Yirara TV

    Covering all the important stories from school sports carnivals to community events, Yirara TV may be among ICTV’s youngest contributors but they inform the masses like true professionals. 

  • iTalk Studios

    A Correctional Facility may be the last place you would expect to find a buzzing production studio, but here in Alice Springs, inmates are telling their stories through film by completing programs run by Italk Studios.

Tech Talk

  • Tech Talk: Adobe Premiere Pro's New Essential Sound Panel

    You may not have noticed, but there have been significant improvements to ICTV’s audio mixing of our recent live broadcasts and football games, thanks mainly to  recent updates with Adobe Premier’s Essential Sound Panel.  

  • Zoom F4 Multi-Track Audio Field Recorder

    ICTV finally owns its own location audio recorder, a  Zoom F4 Field Recorder. While this might not mean a whole lot to a lot of people, it will ease the ongoing tension of finding sound crew and equipment for ICTV productions.

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Festivals and Industry Events

  • Indigenous Photography Competition

    Sinchi’s  inaugural international photography competition is open provide a unique opportunity for visual story tellers around the world to be recognised  for their talent and commitment to the preservation of culture and indigenous rights.




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