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You may not have noticed, but there have been significant improvements to ICTV’s audio mixing of our recent live broadcasts and football games, thanks mainly to  recent updates with Adobe Premier’s Essential Sound Panel.  

The update invites users to assign mix types to their clips, identifying the role each clip plays in the project such as dialogue, music or sound effects which makes it much more intuitive when moving between Audition and Premiere.

Some of the key advantages of this update are that it allows editors to tweak different components without leaving Premiere’s editing environment. Once you do move into  a sound editing environment such as Audition, all your tweaks and filters are there ready to be used by the sound editor.

Using the Essential Sound Panel, our editors are now able to make faster changes to audio without bouncing back and forth between Audition and Premiere. Essentially this means for a video editor, there is one less program to learn and you can edit within the one environment.