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Description Leonie Palmer (Kngwarraye) shares her amazing story with Children's Ground and Project 1 Million.

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Leonie grew up in Alice Springs, but her spirit is from Corkwood Bore. She has five children, 28 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren - and more on the way! Education for children starts at home, and for these children, their home ground is their classroom.

Leonie hopes to see a school set up on her home ground to teach the next generation in a traditional way. Growing on the land, learning off the land, speaking their own strong language.

"My name is Leonie, I am an Arrernte woman, my skin name is Kngwarraye, and I'm proud to be a Australian Aboriginal woman."

Project 1 Million: https://www.project1million.org/

Our purpose is to reach, challenge and inspire at least one million Australians, through the power of digital media and positive storytelling, to increase understanding of marginalised communities and increase social cohesion within Australia.

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