On Country: Amoonguna

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Description ICTV is excited to announce the launch of ON COUNTRY, the new Slow TV project capturing the longform stories of our Traditional Owners travelling across their country.

This episode of ON COUNTRY features the traditional owners of Amoonguna telling their stories in a combination of Arrernte and English as they drive through the Amoonguna community and explore the bush to the north and south.

This episode of ON COUNTRY will premiere in full this Saturday the 23rd of November at 7:00PM on ICTV.

Thank you to the Marie Ellis and Lynette Ellis - and the Amoonguna Community.

This episode of ON COUNTRY was directed by Josh Davis. Soundtrack by Thomas Saylor, recorded by Dave Crowe Music

This project is proudly supported by the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

ICTV, showing our way.

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