Corona Virus (COVID-19) Alert - SecureNT: (Warlpiri)


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Description Current warning from SecureNT: More info at the SecureNT Facebook Page -
Current as of 16th March, 2020.

At the moment there are no people with that Corona Virus also called COVID-19 in any Northern Territory communities.

People who live in Northern Territory Communities should still do normal things

But always be watching out for that corona virus /watch out for people who maybe are sick.

It is ok to eat traditional / bush animals and plants.

Mosquito’s will not give you that corona virus

The wind will not give you that corona virus

Stay clean!

Wash your hands

Do not shake hands

Stay away from people who are maybe sick / do not get close to them

Do not cough or sneeze into your hand, because it germs can go onto your hands and your hands can spread the germs. Cough or sneeze on your arm instead.

If you are maybe sick, stay away from crowded places. Maybe shop, school, town, airport places where lots of people can be.

If you get sick, go to your health clinic.

If you want to know more look on that Facebook page called secureNT

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