NT Biosecurity Zones Are Opening Up - June 5, 2020


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Description NT Biosecurity Zones Are Opening Up - June 5, 2020.

Important information for remote NT communities.

NT Biosecurity restrictions are being lifted on June 5th.

When this happens people will be able to travel freely within NT. But the state borders are still closed. Each state has different rules - because each state has different levels of the virus.

There are currently no active cases of coronavirus in the NT. But there are active coronavirus cases in other states bordering NT. So the hard border closures are still in effect.

In the NT the biosecurity zones are opening, but physical distancing regulations are still in effect, and there are still some rules around what you can and cannot do – things haven’t gone back to normal completely just yet and physical distancing rules will be around for at least the next six months to protect communities from coronavirus.

There are some new rules about how you can go to the shops, attend sports events and which shops will be opening back up

Following these rules is everybody’s responsibility.

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