1. Necklaces and Turrarre
  2. Beagle Bay Keep Culture Fest 2013: Billard Boys
  3. No More Boomerang by Coloured Stone
  4. Good old days by Danny Marr
  5. Wild Desert Rose by Coloured Stone
  6. Waiting for the Tide by Coloured Stone
  7. Summer Rain by Coloured Stone
  8. Dreamtime stories by Coloured stone
  9. Dancing In the Moonlight by Coloured Stone
  10. Chasing Rainbows by Coloured Stone
  11. Black Boy by Coloured Stone
  12. Times Been Good to Us by Brian Hunter
  13. Timeless Kimberley by Brian Hunter
  14. Old Man Ligarri by Brian Hunter
  15. My Island Home by Brian Hunter
  16. Dreams Come true by Brian Hunter
  17. If I Fell by Brian Hunter
  18. Thinking of you by Billard Boyz
  19. Nyul Nyul People by Billard Boyz
  20. Ngarinyin People by Billard boys