The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that ICTV managed video-on-demand platforms are relevant and reflect the values of the larger ICTV community.
A secondary purpose is to guide programming staff and content providers in selecting material for this platform.

2.    SCOPE
This policy applies to ICTV staff, contributors, advertisers and the general community.
This policy applies to the ICTV PLAY service at www.ictv.com.au and other on demand services for example ICTV content on youTUBE.

To ensure that ICTV programming on ICTV online platforms accurately represents the interests and values of the ICTV community.

ICTV is committed to providing a culturally appropriate and relevant video-on-demand service accessible to Indigenous Australians living in remote communities.

5.    VALUES
ICTV content has a focus on story and story-telling, traditional and contemporary stories from remote Australia.
•    Authenticity – The importance to all Australians of keeping Indigenous languages and culture alive.
•    Autonomy - Allowing Indigenous people in remote communities to create their own media, speak for themselves and contribute to their own future.
•    Innovation - Using up-to-date technology to re- share media with each other.
•    Accessibility – ICTV is accessible to its target audience: Indigenous Australians in remote communities.
•    Equity – ICTV believes in a fair and impartial process for dealing with content.

a)    To enable access, through internet based video-on-demand services, to content made by remote Indigenous video makers to remote Indigenous audiences.
b)    To support the production of moving image media made by and for Indigenous people in remote and very remote communities in Australia.
c)    ICTV are committed to strengthening Indigenous languages and culture.
d)    ICTV acknowledges Indigenous culture and intellectual property rights.
e)    Content is driven by the ‘community.
f)    Repeating programs is a necessary element of ICTV television programming.

The target user group of ICTV video-on-demand services are Indigenous Australians who are disadvantaged by virtue of their principal place of residence being geographically remote or very remote.
Additional groups that may access the service, but are not necessarily the target group include:
•    Indigenous Australians who reside in rural and urban areas;
•    Mainstream Australia;
•    International viewers who have an interest in traditional Australian Indigenous culture.
•    ICTV PLAY is current not-geo specific to Australia.

ICTV sources and receives a range of video material from a diverse group of producers (Contributors). Its relationship with Contributors is based on signed Agreements regarding the agreed use of the individual Title. All content on ICTV PLAY must be approved for this use.
All new contributors must be verified before content is made available on ICTV platforms.
(Only videos approved for ICTV PLAY or YouTUBE should be stored on remove servers.)

ICTV requires all material to be (formally) cleared for the use for which it has been approved. ICTV relies on the Contributor through a formal signed agreement to procure all approvals. However, ICTV may from time to time require assurances from a Contributor of clearances, including proof.

10.1    ICTV PLAY
ICTV PLAY, available at, www.ictv.com.au, provides access to a ICTV Contributor content and ICTV produced content.

The ICTV YouTUBE Channel is to include only ICTV produced content. commissioned or exclusively licenced content.

11.    CONTENT
The following video content (titles) will be considered for inclusion on ICTV PLAY:

11.1    PRODUCER
a)    Produced by Indigenous Australians who reside in remote parts of Australia;
b)    Produced by (remote) Indigenous organisations or production companies;
c)    None of the above, but ‘of interest’ to the ICTV target audience;
d)    Internationally produced content that is deemed ‘of interest’ to ICTV target audience.

11.2    SUBJECT
‘Of interest’ to Indigenous Australians who reside in remote parts of Australia, as determined by the ICTV Board or its delegate.

11.3    LENGTH
Programs of varying lengths will be considered, although programs that are too long may be too large to include.

11.4    STYLES
Program of different styles or categories will be considered, however Titles need to be categorise-able into ICTV Programming Genres.

a)    ICTV prioritises material produced in an Indigenous language;
b)    Language programs do not need to be subtitled;
c)    If material is ‘in language’ and not sub-titled, and not from a Contributor that ICTV has a long-standing relationship in place with, then a second opinion must be sought on the content. This means a recognized speaker of that language must confirm that the Title conforms to ICTV’s Programming Policy;
d)    If videos are subtitled, they need to be created within the “TV Safe” zone for a 16:9 aspect ratio.
e)    Only Programming content is available on ICTV PLAY. (ie. no Promotional material.) Only ICTV and contributor promos are available on ICTV PLAY. (Other TVCs may be considered under a commercial arrangement.)

a)    The submitter must be the copyright owner of the material. However if the Title includes any cultural material, then cultural clearances must also be in place.
b)    Contributor needs to obtain all necessary clearances in respect of the performance or mechanical copying in any sound recording or musical compilation in the content.
c)    The Contributor needs to obtain all necessary rights and clearances in respect of ICTV’s anticipated use and distribution of the content, and ICTV’s use and distribution of the content will not require ICTV to obtain any clearances or pay any fees to any person.
d)    The Contributor has specifically obtained all clearances and rights (including approvals from any relevant tribal elders relating to the use of images, stories, references to individuals and voices) in the content.
e)    Even if material falls into these categories it may still not be programmed.

The following programs will not be considered for ICTV PLAY:
a)    Programs that promote or advertise a specific product, concept or entity;
b)    Material submitted by an individual or entity that is not the copyright holder;
c)    Material that documents illegal behaviour or behaviour which is likely to harm;
d)    Material that is clearly sexual or otherwise inappropriate;
e)    Material that portrays alcohol or substance misuse, unless there is a clear, positive message associated with the Content;
f)    Material which is inconsistent with ICTV’s Objectives, as stated in the organisation’s constitution;
g)    If a breach of copyright or cultural law has occurred;
h)    If ICTV believes it is defamatory or may cause offence;
i)    If the content is confidential;
j)    If it infringes or violate any rights, including the intellectual property rights, of anyone else;
k)    Material that is not of interest to ICTV audiences as determined by Board delegate.

a) Where people are likely to feel uncomfortable about their images being transmitted (regardless of clearances) a second opinion may be sought from ICTV staff or board members.
c) ICTV will accept overseas produced material if the subject matter is about Indigenous Australians.
d) No more than 5% of content added to ICTV PLAY within a single year will be from overseas.

All material is assessed against a set criteria based on this Programming Policy prior to any approval to program the material. In addition, a minimum of two staff must view the complete program prior to upload and publication on ICTV PLAY.

Programs will be published on ICTV PLAY or ICTV YouTUBE after the first time of broadcast on ICTV television services..

ICTV programming on ICTV PLAY is categorized into the following Programming Genres:
•    OUR CULTURE    Our culture includes videos that show Traditional Culture actively happening. It includes Stories, Dance, Hunting, Language, but in the context of keeping and practicing traditional values.
•    OUR WAY - Our Way programming is the core of ICTV programming and includes a range of productions where the focus is on community values.  OUR WAY programming might include recordings of community meetings or gatherings, documentation of country visits without a cultural focus; oral histories; ranger videos; employment focus; plus a range of other types of videos not covered by other programming genres.
•    OUR MUSIC - Our Music profiles a range of Indigenous musicians from around Australia and includes some specialist music categories only found in remote Australia, for example Desert Reggae, Kimberley Country. Sub-categories include: Music video clips, live music, concerts, music documentaries.
•    YOUNG WAY - Young Way features videos for children and young adults. Young Way Videos include: Animations, Music Videos made by children and stories made by kids in community. Young Way videos are appropriate for children and young adults.
•    OUR TUCKER -  Our Tucker is about hunting, cooking and bush tucker themed programs. Our Tucker videos feature hunting trips documentaries, bush food collection trips, oral histories detailing hunting practices or bush foods, cooking shows either out bush or in Community.
•    SPIRITUAL WAY - Spiritual Way is a dedicated to religious themed programs. Spiritual Way videos include church services, bible readings, archival documentaries exploring missionary life..
•    OUR SPORTS – Our Sports P\profiles and documents sporting events in remote communities, sports people from remote communities participating in major sporting events.
•    OTHER - A range of other channels may also be included on ICTV PLAY including language channels, contributor channels et.

All ICTV on demand content will carry the ICTV PLAY OR ICTV Watermark, this includes material on YouTUBE.

ICTV has the right to remove content from ICTV PLAY at the discretion of the Board, or its delegate. Contributors also have the right to withdraw individual videos from ICTV PLAY without reason.
Batch withdrawals of content (5 or more titles) need to be advised in writing with appropriate signed authority from that authority.

All titles approved for programming will be assessed against the Australian classification set determined by the Code of Practice for Community Television.
Warnings are to be included on any programming where animals are slaughtered and there is excessive blood or surgical procedures are documented and presented.
A classification will appear on-screen for all Titles.

ICTV operates within the following cultural framework:
a)    Deceased Content: Every effort will be made to withdraw content once a complaint is received and confirmed;
b)    The ICTV Board of Directors will act as cultural consultant to address cultural issues in programing as they arise;
c)    Cultural content not clearly resolved during Quality Control checks will be forwarded to the Cultural Committee or delegate for assessment;
d)    Kangaroo butchery needs to be carefully assessed, particularly the skinning of the kangaroo;
e)    Any Content/Title which has images or voices or names of deceased persons will carry a ‘Deceased Warning Disclaimer’.

21.    MUSIC
Until such time as ICTV has a formal agreement in place with APRA, material that contains commercial music cannot be considered for inclusion on online platforms, unless all clearances are place (including publishing rights, recording rights and synchronization rights).

ICTV has a preference for the Contributor Licensed Content to be uploaded or delivered as files on hard drive or disk. ICTV will accept tape, dvds and other formats, however ICTV is unable to guarantee the inclusion of this material or the quality of the material that is being transmitted to audiences through ICTV platforms.

The Contributor Licensed Content must comply with the following technical standards:
a)    Standard:    PAL 625/50;
b)    Aspect Ratio:    Anamorphic 16:9 preferred, but other ratios acceptable. All on-screen graphics must be contained within ‘TV Safe Zone’;
c)    Field Dominance: Upper field first preferred. (We will accept lower field first, but cannot guarantee the quality of the transmission will not be affected.)
d)    Stereo:    Channel 1 Left, Channel 2 Right;
e)    Mono: Channels 1 & 2;
f)    Sample:    48 Khz;
g)    Other: All Contributor Licensed Content should average around -20dBFS mark, with a +/-3 dBFS deviation. No audio should ever peak over the -10dBFS mark, however short, sharp sounds may peak in the -16dBFS to -10DBFS range providing this is the exception;
h)    ICTV asks Contributors to provide video files at best quality possible;
i)    Video is ‘watchable’ and ‘listenable’;
j)    Other specifications may vary such as compression and wrapper.

ICTV acknowledges the right of users to make complaints about Programming.
ICTV will make every reasonable effort to resolve complaints, except where a complaint is clearly frivolous and without sufficient grounds.
If a Complainant is unhappy with the response of ICTV Staff, the matter will be dealt with by the Board or delegated authority for consideration.
A record will be kept of all complaints, including requests to withdraw material due to cultural reasons, such as deceased content.
A separate procedures document will be developed for handling Complaints.

Where ICTV licences any material (video, audio, music, images etc), the licencing should cover ICTV PLAY and ICTV YOUTUBE channel for worldwide distribution. Also refer ICTV Programming Policy.

Any commissioned video material must include rights for ICTV PLAY and ICTV YouTube. Also refer ICTV Programming Policy.

a)    Advertising on ICTV PLAY may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
b)    ICTV will only accept sponsorship announcements, information campaigns or advertisements that are consistent with its Objectives, as per the ICTV Constitution.
c)    Discounts and bonus spots may be offered on a case-by-case basis.
d)    Advertising rates are reviewed annually (each financial year).

ICTV may offer probono advertising on ICTV PLAY, but the arrangement would need to be referred to the Probono Advertising Policy.

ICTV will keep records of all material it programs including how many times Content is played in a financial year.

•    ICTV-  Indigenous Community Television Ltd
•    Contributor or Content Provider - An individual or entity that contributes content to ICTV.
•    Content     - Programming, or video material
•    Programming - Content or video material approved for programming.
•    Promos    - TVCs, advertising, advertorial or sponsorship videos.

Policy No.    POL_019
Version No.    1
Source documents    None
Original Board Endorsement Date    11/8/2016
Implementation Date    11/8/2016
Ongoing Monitoring (responsible person)    General Manager
Most recent review and amendment    11/8/2016
Review Date    August 2017