Spiritual Way

Spiritual Way is a dedicated to religious themed programs, including church services, bible readings, archival documentaries exploring missionary life and more.

  1. Job
  2. Kevin Mudfords Testimony
  3. Water Baptisms Alice Springs
  4. Changing the Heart: Tuning in Together
  5. Unbroken Land 2020 Episode Thirteen - Gumtrees By The River
  6. Unbroken Land 2020 Episode Eleven - Kwatye Waru
  7. Acts 2 Day of Pentecost; Joel 2:28
  8. Father's Day Message
  9. Nungalinya College: James Woods' story
  10. Nungalinya College: Teddy Portaminni's story
  11. Nungalinya College: Roderick Dairiyi & Gerarda Pultchen's story
  12. Nungalinya College: Yurranydjil Dhurrkay's story
  13. DHF20: Jameson Casson - BAMfest
  14. Jesus in Heaven Holy Spirit on Earth
  15. Jesus laid His life down for all
  16. Protocol
  17. Desert Life Church: Sunday Service - 21st June
  18. Desert Life Church: Sunday Service - 14th June
  19. Desert Life Church: Sunday Service - 7th June
  20. Desert Life Church: Sunday Service - 31st May