Spiritual Way

Spiritual Way is a dedicated to religious themed programs, including church services, bible readings, archival documentaries exploring missionary life and more.

  1. Kevin Mudfords Testimony
  2. Water Baptisms Alice Springs
  3. Changing the Heart: Tuning in Together
  4. Unbroken Land 2020 Episode Thirteen - Gumtrees By The River
  5. Unbroken Land 2020 Episode Eleven - Kwatye Waru
  6. Acts 2 Day of Pentecost; Joel 2:28
  7. Father's Day Message
  8. Nungalinya College: James Woods' story
  9. Nungalinya College: Teddy Portaminni's story
  10. Nungalinya College: Roderick Dairiyi & Gerarda Pultchen's story
  11. Nungalinya College: Yurranydjil Dhurrkay's story
  12. DHF20: Jameson Casson - BAMfest
  13. Jesus in Heaven Holy Spirit on Earth
  14. Jesus laid His life down for all
  15. Protocol
  16. Desert Life Church: Sunday Service - 21st June
  17. Desert Life Church: Sunday Service - 14th June
  18. Desert Life Church: Sunday Service - 7th June
  19. Desert Life Church: Sunday Service - 31st May
  20. Praying for the Fire of God