• Our Culture
    Mowanjum Festival Short: 20 Year Anniversary

    Mowanjum Festival Short: 20 Year Anniversary. Each year in July the Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre hosts the Mowanjum Festival, sharing the vibrant, living culture of the Ngarinyin, Worrorra and Wunambal peoples. The Festival attracts thousands of visitors from across …

  • Our Way
    Borroloola TV: NAIDOC 2017

    Borroloola stories: Celebrating NAIDOC 2017 in Borroloola NT.

  • Our Music
    No Mining in Our Land

    Watch this film clip from me - Ethan Dixon - and my mum - Janey Dixon. It is sung in our language Mudburra and filmed on location at Marlinja - 25kms from Elliott, Northern Territory. We don't want fracking on our land.

  • Young Way
    What now Woorie? - The Woorie Boys

    What now Woorie? What's happening The Woorie boys created this song with a strong message that breaking in horses is better than breaking in and hurting their community. Mimosa Studio Project Woorabinda March 2017

  • Young Way
    Our Connection to the Land

    Josh Arnold is a prolific song writer, music producer and film maker creating projects for Schools, Communities and various organisations throughout regional Australia under the banner of his production company 'Small Town Culture'. Josh believes in the collaborative process and …

  • Our Tucker
    Artists of Ampilatwatja: Kathleen Nanima Rambler

    Part of a series of seven short films incorporating illustration and animation about some of the artists from Ampilatwatja. Developed by Lara Damiani. Produced by Caroline Hunter and Lara Damiani The Artists of Ampilatwatja community was established in 1999 near Alice Springs …