• MUD CRAB HUNT: Wik-Mungkan style

    Minh puuy is the Wik-Mungkan name for the giant Cape York mud crab found here in Aurukun. Join locals Rufus, Rosie and young Jonny as they take us deep into the mangroves for some serious bush tucker... and keep …

  • Australian bush foods Wik-Mungkan style.

    The Aurukun bio-cultural project heads to the swamps again in search for a type of bush potato known as 'may umpiy' in Wik-Mungkan language. This film has been produced in part to celebrate the International Year of …

  • Sabrina's Story

    Nungalinya College (Darwin) is the national indigenous training college for the Anglican, Catholic and Uniting Churches in Australia. Offering several quality courses, a Cert 2 in Media Studies was started in 2013. The …

  • Cultural Heights – Singing In Language

    Video produced by the Department of Communications and the Arts Australia in celebration of the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

  • Climate Change in Central Australia (Warlpiri)

    The Climate Change in Central Australia animation aims to communicate the science of climate change to the desert people of Central Australia in their first language. This project was developed by Live and Learn …

  • Plane Crash, Working Days

    Johnny Devlin talks about when his dad took the Army to find the remains of a plane crash when Johnny was a kid, then talks about his life working at Newcastle Waters Station.

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