• Our Culture
    Ngapa yawulyu 'Rain dreaming songs'

    Yurntumu-wardingki juju-ngaliya-kurlangu yawulyu: Warlpiri women's songs from Yuendumu. This series consists of four short films in which Warlpiri women sing, dance and tell the stories of different ancestral beings who travel across Warlpiri country. Each part contains …

  • Our Tucker
    Afghan Biscuits

    Part of a series of short cooking videos produced by NG Media with NG kids. This episode the kids make Afghan biscuits.

  • Our Tucker
    Raypirri Shelter at Ramingining

    This video talks about a Raypirri (Discipline) shelter erected at Ramingining near the school which will allow elders to convey traditional knowledge to children alongside their mainstream schooling. Build by ALPA CDP and supported by ALPA RSAS and the Ramingining School.

  • Our Way
    Yinhawangka Native Title Determination 2017

    This is the Yinhawangka Native Title Determination video which took place on 18th July, 2017 at Rocklea Station. Rocklea Station means so much to Yinhawangka people as it was where our elders grew up. We hired my cousin Tyson Mowarin from Weeriana Street Media to document …

  • Our Culture
    White Ibis Sorcerer

    Elders from Pormpuraaw tell the story of the White Ibis Sorcerer. As well as re-enacting part of the story, they go in search of one of the sites in this important songline.

  • Spiritual Way
    Methyu 6:33

    This is a video clip to a Bible verse from Mathew 6:33. This is filmed in Kriol and English. This was sung by 'Gosepl Crew' and filmed with folk from Manyallaluk, Beswick and Bulman/ Weemol communities.