• Promo
    ICTV Audience Survey 2018

    ICTV is conducting an audience survey to find out what Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in remote communities watch on television … and we want to hear from you. Surveys are taking place in communities in the Pilbara, the Kimberleys, the APY Lands, Central …

  • Our Way
    50th Anniversary Freedom Day Festival Highlights

    A 12 minute highlights video of iconic 50th Anniversary Freedom Day Festival set to iconic songs From Little Things and Solid Rock, capturing the essence of what was incredible event in August 2016 commemorating 50 years since the Wave Hill Walk-off and Birth of Aboriginal Land …

  • Young Way
    Epenarra - The Epenarra Way

    The Thumbs Up! team made this great song during their "Music 4 Life" visit to the remote community of Epenarra NT. Live long Epenarra!

  • Our Music
    Sista Girl

    Sista Girls is first single off the debut EP, from the group known as, Oetha. Pronounced O-E-Tha, the name is an acronym meaning, Our Earth The Heart Acknowledges. The song, Sista Girl especially celebrates the strength & wisdom of Indigenous women, while also being an …

  • Our Culture
    I am Numamurdirdi

    76-year old Walter Kolbong Rogers tells the story of his life as a dancer and a leader of ceremony. A collaboration between Ngukurr Art Centre and Ngukurr Language Centre, Ngukurr Story Project supports local people to tell the stories they want to tell in the language they …

  • Spiritual Way
    Many Families and Friends are Strong at Ntaria : Episode 1

    Many families and friends are strong at Ntaria. Episode 1 : Nurna Katjia Ntjaarra-karta (With the other children). Theme song - With the Other Children - about going east and west looking for bush tucker with bush tucker photos by Chris and Karl Benz and David Roennfeldt. …