• Spiritual Way
    Lynette's Story: Nungalinya College 2017

    Nungalinya College (Darwin) is the national indigenous training college for the Anglican, Catholic and Uniting Churches in Australia. The Media students' major project was to film and edit their own story into a short documentary. These are their stories...

  • Our Tucker
    Sweetcorn Fritters

    Part of a series of short cooking videos produced by NG Media with NG kids. This episode the kids make Sweetcorn Fritters.

  • Our Way
    Remote Community Utilities Workers' Graduation

    Remote Community Utilities Workers' Graduation. Horizon Power, Broome, 29th of June 2017.

  • Our Culture
    White Ibis Sorcerer

    Elders from Pormpuraaw tell the story of the White Ibis Sorcerer. As well as re-enacting part of the story, they go in search of one of the sites in this important songline.

  • Our Music
    Ngalyapitja NG Media End of Year Concert Warakurna 2017

    Ngalyapitja NG Media End of Year Concert Warakurna - December 2017 Crew: Jennifer Connolly, Marcia Mitchell, Cynthia Burke, Salty Lewis, Danny Fox, Rongomai Bailey, Alan Nash, Ryan Khay, Fiona, Amy Heatrick, Hinerangi Tukere, Sarah Wallingford, Kristyn Oxenbridge, Ramath …

  • Our Culture
    Yinhawangka Native Title Determination 2017 - Cultural Dance

    This is the Yinhawangka Native Title Determination video which took place on 18th July, 2017 at Rocklea Station. Rocklea Station means so much to Yinhawangka people as it was where our elders grew up. We hired my cousin Tyson Mowarin from Weeriana Street Media to document …