Young Way

Videos for children and young adults, includes: animations, music videos made by children and stories made by kids in community.

  1. Jacob Yunupingu shares his story, Music is a universal language and Headspace and the Defence force spend time with us.
  2. Short Film 'Mulli'
  3. Parramatta Ells interview, working with disability and Girls Academy morning tea. A good week to share so many stories !
  4. Getting a job, up at dawn for breakfast training and an Amazing Race. So much fun in one bulletin !
  5. No Need To Hide Your Face - Yirara Strong Young Women
  6. We Are Connected - Yirara Senior Girls
  7. Yirara Girls - Yirara Strong Young Women
  8. Pirrjirdi Nyinaya - Yuendemu
  9. Two Way Eyes - Yirara Girls - Strong Young Women's Program
  10. Peppi School - Play Good Way
  11. Pass it on - Nauiyu Community
  12. Kaurna Language Bedtime Book
  13. Pirltawardli - EP 18. New Faces
  14. Pirltawardli Ep 17 - A day at the Beach
  15. Clouds - Ngoomelng
  16. Country - Dawang
  17. Dog - Joolang
  18. Body Parts - Jawaleng Gawooleny
  19. Clontarf BBQ breakfast, Cooking with a budget and Team building games.
  20. Work Experience in town, Bronze Medallion training and ex-student Jordan Armstrong in America.