Give me five in Gamilaraay

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Description Speaking in Gamilaraay lingo is a top priority for the students and teachers at Toomelah Public School, just south of the QLD/NSW border.

Guided by Carl McGrady and Sue Swann, students learn the Gamilaraay language alongside subjects like Maths and English.

How do they learn it?

Enter the space designated as their language room and you will see posters with both Gamilaraay and English words, games like 'Lingo Bingo' and Gamilaraay language textbooks.

There is a definite hands-on approach to the teaching and learning.

Sometimes the wide open space of the playground becomes the classroom.

With a stew bubbling away on the campfire and Johnny cakes slowly baking on the coals, students connect Gamilaraay lingo to the ingredients and everyday objects that are being used.

After all the hard work is done it's time to ""Maa wurri nganha!""

Produced by Ben Tupas

This video was originally contributed to the ABC Open Mother Tongue project, which invited Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to share a story about their mother tongue.

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