Barkly Regional Arts

Barkly Regional Arts (BRA) is the regional hub for the arts in the Barkly region. Its remit to deliver arts programs and initiatives in the region is as large as the region itself. BRA has evolved from a project-driven to a program-driven arts organisation. Critical to these programs are that BRA provides an interface between mainstream and Indigenous cultures that reaffirm core BRA values including a celebration of and respect for cultural diversity and recognition of a unique Indigenous demographic.

  1. Joseph Shannon Video Postcard
  2. Jamason Casson Video Postcard
  3. Dion Beasley Video Postcard
  4. Elliott Longreach Warrior’s Video Postcard
  5. Canteen Creek Video Postcard
  6. Amy James Video Postcard
  7. One Moment at a Time by Rayella
  8. Eleanor Dixon Video Postcard
  9. Barkly Boys 'Dark Knights Max II'
  10. Wanna B by Ladybeats
  11. Video Postcards: Postcard to Matthias
  12. Video Postcards: TC Eagles
  13. Sean Choolburra Workshop, Tennant Creek
  14. Breath Away by Barkly Boys
  15. Plane Crash, Working Days
  16. Station Life
  17. Painting Dreaming (Mungkarta)
  18. Desert Harmony Festival 2011 (Anyinginyi Manu)