Young Way

Videos for children and young adults, includes: animations, music videos made by children and stories made by kids in community.

  1. Girl's talk about Love, NAIDOC day, Social Justice Commissioner, CAAFLU make music and Power Tools.
  2. We cook with flair, go camping with the girls and hear about Cyril Rioli Junior.
  3. The Wey Street Way (Blackwater State School)
  4. At School in Boulia
  5. Outback by The Sea
  6. Old friends, new friends, 45 years in the making, we go underground for gold and see in the dark.
  7. Tennant Creek Warrior
  8. A Song for the Mardoowarra
  9. Deni Mob - 'State Of The Heart'
  10. Muckin Round In Yarri
  11. We dance with the Navy, wear grog goggles and Empower young women.
  12. Yurrwi TV Episode 13 Flip
  13. Yurrwi TV Episode 12 Rec Hall
  14. Yurrwi TV Episode 8 On the Mic
  15. Yurrwi TV Episode 10 Wheels
  16. Yurrwi TV Episode 11 A day in the life
  17. Yurrwi TV Episode 5 Art Play
  18. Yurrwi TV Episode 6 Rain