1. Ariel Enterprise by Benji and the Balas
  2. Corroborree People by Mark bin Bakar
  3. Dreamtime Avenue
  4. First Australians by Michael Torres
  5. Djillumbuddie by Gulingi Nunga
  6. High Tide by High Tide
  7. Let the River Run by Jimmy Chi
  8. Fly Away Pigeon by Lucy Cox
  9. Merv Mulardy Live
  10. Outta Tha Blue Live
  11. Took the Children Away by Archie Roach
  12. Saltwater Band
  13. Billard Boyz
  14. Guitar Boogie by Ronnie & Trent
  15. Seaside Drifters
  16. Fitzroy Express
  17. The Right Way by Kids from Wulungarra Community
  18. Darwin Festival 2003
  19. Songs from the UPK#4 album
  20. Kungka Come Home by Central Reggae