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Description Darwin packed Studio Theatre, Darwin Entertainment Centre on Sunday 18 November 2018 for B2M’s final show ‘Mamanta’ on the back of a three-month national tour and 15 years together as a band. A huge shout-out from the crowd went to B2M for their insights and music.

Fans soaked up the electrifying atmosphere with family members, friends and the local arts industry. Humour and pumping tunes got the crowd dancing and singing, done B2M style! No one was left disappointed with their final show.

The evening was emotional with the ethos of B2M’s commitment to the Tiwi people, Indigenous issues and the nation formed an underlying current throughout the show, 'Mamanta'. Darwin was treated to experience Tiwi ancient stories and songlines, with B2M honouring the past whilst celebrating the future. This was especially encapsulated at the end of the show when their children and family members were invited on stage for their final song as B2M.

VAMPtv, Northern Territory Music School interviewed Jeffrey ‘Yello’ Simon and shot exclusive footage of B2M's final concert in Darwin, including behind-the-scenes. Head to Artback NT website for more information: artbacknt.com.au/show/b2m-mamanta/

Presented by Artback NT in association with Skinnyfish Music and funded by Playing Australia, Australia Council for the Arts, B2M visited 5 states, 1 Territory, performed 23 shows and conducted 15 workshops.

B2M band members: Shelton Murray, Greg Orsto, Fabian Kantilla, Daniel Cunningham, Damien Narul, Darren Narul, Jeffrey ‘Yello’ Simon
Mamanta Producers: Artback NT and Skinnyfish Music
Mamanta Director: Gail Evans
Mamanta Music Co-producers and Collaborators: James Mangohig and Michael Hohnen
Mamanta Film and Multi-Media Director: Caro Macdonald

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