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Description Our first morning in Kintore was spent sitting down with the elders and Kintore mob chatting about what kind on project they'd like to take place this trip.

A meeting was called in the afternoon, at the basketball courts to talk about the week.
Most of the most senior men and women came.

It was decided that Red Dust would record some traditional songs and that would happen straight away, so we quickly got our recording gear and cameras and let the performances begin. (You can see this video here:

The community also wanted to have a ceremony video recorded during the visit, a huge honor for the visiting Red Dust Team.

The community was also keen to write a song about the beginnings of the Kintore township.... Our Story!

It was decided that the Red Dust Music Team (Realtone) would set up in the green shed and the song writing process and recording would involve all ages from the community.

The young men and women of the CDP program were the first to be involved, contributing many of the lyrics of the song.

Then some of the senior men, worked on the melody and refined some of the lyrics.

The band included Trevor Dixon on drums, Michael Gallagher on lead guitar, Rodney on bass, Francis on rhythm guitar and Trevor on acoustic guitar.

The main vocals were sung by Michael and Cheryl, with the fellas and girls from the CDP singing backups. The bridge was written and sung by the CDP girls.

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