mee'-aathan' Episode #1: Collecting Pa'amp (red bush dye)

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Description Wik Artist Irene Pootchemunka is an Apalech Clan Elder and a master weaver based out of the Wik and Kugu Art Centre in Aurukun on Queensland's Cape York Peninsula.

Join ICTV for Episode 1 of Aurukun Indigenous Knowledge Centres latest Biocultural film series titled: mee'-aathan' (Wik-Mungkan expression for introducing something new to someone).

Episode 1 introduces Wik Artist Irene as she takes us on a Cultural journey collecting bush dye and weaving pandanus baskets. Wik Cultural practices such as collecting bush dye and weaving make up part of a deeper knowledge of the local environment around Aurukun and connection to Coutnry which is visible in this first episode.

Language: Wik-Mungkan

Collaboration between Wik and Kugu Art Centre, Aurukun and Aurukun Indigenous Knowledge Centre's WOYAN-MIN Biocultural Project.

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