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Description The second Lajamanu Red Dust Tour promoting healthy communities took place on the 11th, 12th and 13th of June (2012)
Our first day in the community was looking like being a a quite one, with much of the community still away at the Barunga Festival and others out bush.
Whilst Steve and Wayne (music facilitators) spent much of the day arranging a space to record in and repairing community musical equipment, SEDA sports Role Model Rocky and team leader Sue spent some time with some super keen young fellas who relished an impromptu footy clinic organised by Rocky.
Rocky worked with 10 or so primary aged boys who told him they were keen to write a song about Footy.
The day was then spent writing lyrics, producing beats and bass and keyboard samples for the footy song.
We then recorded the vocals and discussed the type of video the boys would like for the song.
Over the next couple of days, in between classes and after school, time was spent filming the video .... with half of the school away on camp, it became a great little task that helped keep the boys focussed!
The track was recorded and mixed by Realtone's Wayne Glenn and Steve Lane and written with the boys from the Lajamanu Community with help from Red Dust Role Models Sue and Rocky.
ps .... make sure you check out the video/songs from the North Tanami Band, also written and recorded during this tour.

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