1. Emu Dreaming - Kalkarindji School and Sharing Stories Foundation
  2. Fishing at Irrpmengkere
  3. The Old Fellas
  4. Wanna B by Ladybeats
  5. Kurrarlkatjanu
  6. Slack Key Red Dirt Rag by Kevin Birch
  7. Deep In The Night by Lucy Cox
  8. 4:30 Tide by Kevin Birch
  9. I Need You By My Side by Lucy Cox
  10. Peaceful Easy Feeling by Lucy Cox
  11. Whenever We need Help by Lucy Cox
  12. Against The Wind by Gulingi Nunga
  13. Djilumbuddie by Gulingi Nunga
  14. Im Always Here at Closing Time by Gulingi Nunga
  15. Jackson Town by Gulingi Nunga
  16. Johnny Be Good
  17. Travelling by Jadadi
  18. Knocking on Heavens Door by Gulingi Nunga
  19. No One Else Around by Jadadi