Barkly Regional Arts

Barkly Regional Arts (BRA) is the regional hub for the arts in the Barkly region. Its remit to deliver arts programs and initiatives in the region is as large as the region itself. BRA has evolved from a project-driven to a program-driven arts organisation. Critical to these programs are that BRA provides an interface between mainstream and Indigenous cultures that reaffirm core BRA values including a celebration of and respect for cultural diversity and recognition of a unique Indigenous demographic.

  1. My Art, My Culture - Ruth Dawson
  2. My Art, My Culture - Joseph Williams
  3. My Art, My Culture - Gladys Anderson
  4. Desert Harmony 2018 - Creature Comforts
  5. Festival Fauna - From Junk to Funk
  6. What’s Up Winnanjjikari: EP 5: How to Make Clapsticks
  7. Barkly Arts at Barunga Festival
  8. Small Moments - Gladys At The Show
  9. My Art, My Culture - Jessie Peterson
  10. My Art, My Culture - Andrick Ross
  11. My Art, My Culture - Carol Beasley
  12. Dinner Under The Stars: Deb Morrow - Desert Harmony Festival 2018
  13. Dinner Under The Stars: Warren H Williams - Desert Harmony Festival 2018
  14. Pipe Up Documentary
  15. Rock With The Doc
  16. Desert Harmony Festival: Barkly Ballet
  17. Desert Harmony 2018 Snapshot
  18. Which Way - Right Way: Full Length
  19. Barkly Arts Small Moments: Winanjjikari Music Practice
  20. Desert Harmony Festival: Campfire Dreams