1. Pertame Students Asking Questions
  2. Lernnga Irrpwema/Rretema (sunset/sunrise) Song
  3. Pertame Skipping Song (Teddy bear, Teddy bear)
  4. Pertame Chant
  5. High School iPad Challenge
  6. Pertame School Visits Reptile Centre
  7. Kekalala (Cookatoo) Song
  8. Intyenya MacDonald Farma Kerta Song
  9. Pertame Kids Perform at Beanie Festival
  10. Koori Mob - 'Our Country, Our Life'
  11. 'Malkari' - Short Film (Lockhart River, QLD)
  12. KMC - 'The Situation'
  13. Short Film - 'The Surface' (Thursday Island, QLD)
  15. Short Film - 'Breaking of the Chains' (Kakadu NT)
  16. Climbing walls like spiderman, release of a new rap music video and Quicklooks.
  17. Our Girl’s release their Music Video and a day of NADIOC celebrations, so much fun!
  18. This week we go on a camp, play tennis and the Police visit, so many things happen at Yirara!
  19. ICTV Community News Episode 7 (English)
  20. ICTV Community News Episode 7 (Pitjantjatjara)