1. Black Boy by Coloured Stone
  2. Times Been Good to Us by Brian Hunter
  3. Timeless Kimberley by Brian Hunter
  4. Old Man Ligarri by Brian Hunter
  5. My Island Home by Brian Hunter
  6. Dreams Come true by Brian Hunter
  7. If I Fell by Brian Hunter
  8. Thinking of you by Billard Boyz
  9. Nyul Nyul People by Billard Boyz
  10. Ngarinyin People by Billard boys
  11. Dreaming of the Wandjina by Billard Boyz
  12. Memories by Billard Boyz
  13. Bunbidee by Billard Boys
  14. Billard Boys by Billard Boys
  15. Winter Winds - Instrumental
  16. Muckety
  17. Think About Our Culture by Sandridge Band
  18. Junk Punks
  19. Luritja People by Tjupi Band
  20. My Country by Walkabout Boys