Spiritual Way

Spiritual Way is a dedicated to religious themed programs, including church services, bible readings, archival documentaries exploring missionary life and more.

  1. Santa Teresa Church Service
  2. Sing Unto the Lord
  3. Mayatjanyaya Kutju Walkunma (Worship only the Lord)
  4. Mantangkala Unytju Nyinanyi (We are only here in this world for a short time)
  5. Godanya Munu Mantatja Tjuta (God and Earthly Possessions)
  6. Godalulanya Nganananya Ungkupai (God Provides for our Needs)
  7. Colour My Wilderness - Introducing Artist Colin Brown
  8. Pitjantjatjara Old Testament Project
  9. Josef
  10. God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit
  11. Planted by a River
  12. Sons Of Night
  13. Kalleski Manse Opening
  14. Finke River Mission In The Late 1980s
  15. Christ Our Future
  16. Concordia College
  17. 175th Anniversary Celebration Service 1
  18. Ngukurr mid - 1980s
  19. Ngukurr Elders
  20. Ngurrju nyinajuku Wapira Kurlu