'Jirraginy joo Goorrarndal: Frog and Brolga'

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Description 'Jirraginy joo Goorrarndal: Frog and Brolga' is a story shared by the Gija Community. The Frog and Brolga, are Creation Ancestors for the Gija people who through an event at Gawarre (Bungle Bungles), brought into being the Gija landscape, plants, animals and the Gija people. Over 10 years in development, this animation has involved 60 Gija people, from the first drawings developed in 2009 at Purnululu School, to an entire school production in 2017. As part of recording the story, language workshops and on Country excursions were led by Elders. During on Country excursions, students listened to the story spoken in Gija and English and then storyboarded their vision. Students then explored the story site, recording sounds and images to support the creative interpretations of what they’d learnt from the Elders and community rangers. Back in community, students developed their illustrations, animations, utilised physical theatre, and sound design skills to develop their ideas into the film being shared.

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