IHHP & Miwatj Health - Elcho Island - Galiwin'ku Sunset

Young Way

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Description IHHP & Miwatj Health visited Galiwin'ku (Elcho Island) to produce the song 'Galiwin'ku Sunset'. As part of the Yaka Buny'djurr Ngarali campaign with Miwatj Health this song was written with the students of Galiwin'ku and the community to promote healthy lifestyles.
Yaka Buny'djurr Ngarali translates to 'Don’t Smoke'. The history of tobacco in Arnhem Land spans back over 300 years to the era of Macassan and Indigenous Australian trading. The people of Galiwin'ku traded sea cucumbers for tobacco. Tobacco was used as part of ceremony, but with the influence of the Australian Army tobacco smoking became a regular part of life for elders and children.
We are promoting healthy lifestyle choices through sport, dance, healthy eating and promoting health-seeking behaviours. We are hoping thru this campaign to de-normalising the use of tobacco.
Thank you to the community of Galiwin'ku, Shepherdson College, Sport & Rec staff and ALPA RJCP. Massive respect for the amazing dancers in the Bungul and the families involved that happened while we were in Galiwin'ku.

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