Cookin' with LUI - Steak with Creamy Honey Mustard Mash

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Added by Shae Lui

Description Porterhouse Steak reverse seared on the charcoal bbq w/creamy honey mustard mash & a green peppercorn sauce.

- Steak of your choice
- Lane's BBQ Australia Signature rub
- potatoes
- green peppercorns
- French shallot
- butter
- cream
- milk
- honey
- pale ale mustard
- mustard
- continental beef stock powder
- salt & pepper
- parsley

What is reverse sear? Cooking with a low indirect heat (like roasting) to raise the internal temp of a thick cut of steak for example and once it’s reached your target internal temp say 50 degrees celcius then you cook the outside by searing it over coals or in a pan - then rest it for about 10mins before enjoying.

Using a bbq thermometer like the inkbird will help you monitor the internal temp so you can nail your steak!

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