Nicest ft Thir13teen

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Description J-MILLA’s unabashed and unmedicated ADHD energy brings everyone along
for one bouncy ride.  Nicest ft Thir13een with its stabbing synth’d out intro, excellent wordplay and sheer audacity is set to see him go next level.

Nicest is J-MILLA’s first release in 18 months. It's about silencing the haters
with a smile and is full of good vibes. West coast sounds full of happy feels
Nicest has more bounce than a super power-ball. Produced by J-WESS –
Nicest features a stabbing synth intro followed by a smooth yet highly infectious
hook with the sweetest harmonies courtesy of Thir13een. The accompanying film-clip filmed at Hilton Hotel in Darwin is created by emerging NT filmmaker Tully Hemsley. It’s wack, reeks of of cheek featuring J’s real life aunties as the white-privileged “Karens” and J’s inimitable ability to turn a frown upside down.

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