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Description Werte! Unte mwerre? Hello, how are you? This song teaches us how to greet each other in Central/Eastern Arrernte. Based on an old Arrernte nursery rhyme Werte! is a brand new tune with rocking desert guitar and kids call-and-response.

How do you greet each other in the First Languages where you live?

'Werte!', is the opening track of Ampe-Kenhe Ahelhe (Children’s Ground) Band’s new album, Ampe-mape Alyelheme (Kid’s Sing) that teaches and celebrates Arrernte language and culture through music. 

At Ampe-kenhe Ahelhe (Children’s Ground Central Australia), we as First Nations people are creating resources for children in our own language. We have been writing children’s books and songs that speak about our culture, country, families and language. We want our kids to grow up with music and educational resources that reflect their culture – that can help them to learn, respect, speak, read, write, and sing in their First Language. 

We started this to keep our language strong, and it's grown into something everybody can enjoy and learn from. Join us to learn our language through our music.


Language: Eastern/Central Arrernte

Song Lyrics written by Amanda Turner, Carol Turner

Music Written by: William “Nookie” Lowah, Myles Turner, Harry James Angus

Lyric Video created by: Mitchell Doolan and Damon Van Der Schuit

Supported by the Australian Government Indigenous Languages and the Arts Program

About Ampe-kenhe Ahelhe (Children’s Ground Central Australia): 

Children’s Ground is a First Nations organisation creating a different future for the next generation of First Nations children. We believe every child born today should experience a lifetime of opportunity and grow up strong in their identity and culture, free from injustice and economic poverty. 


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