Cookin' with LUI - KEEN'S Camp Oven Curried Sausages

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Description KEEN'S Camp Oven Curried Sausages, simple as and so flavoursome you’ll wanna go right off ya head.

This is just ONE way of making curried sausages, there’s many ways to make it this is just a simple recipe for you to try - make it your own, change it up if you like just enjoy a good feed and make sure you chew.
Also I didn’t have rice because I forgot the take rice but at least I didn’t forget the curry this time.
- sausages
- onion
- fresh garlic & ginger OR use Garlic-Ginger paste (can get from your local Indian/Asian shop)
- chilli (optional)
- potatoes
- Tomato paste
- tin tomatoes or fresh ones or leave out
- chicken stock cube or liquid, just adds flavour.
- water
1. Brown the sausages
2. Make the curry paste
3. Add the sausages & vegies
4. Simmer until cooked
5. Serve up
**add water as you need it to make it how saucy you want, remember the potatoes will also thicken the curry**

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