Ngayuku Voting Tjuma - My Voting Story - Patjarra Community

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Description In the NAIDOC 2023 year 'For Our Elders', the Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre created a series of films ensuring Goldfields Elders have a voice. A film has been made, one in each community in the Goldfields, featuring an Elder talking about the democratic process of voting.

This is a film from Patjarr Community in the Goldfields region of Western Australia and Elder, Brett Jennings is discussing his voting story.

With the 'Voice Referendum' coming up later in 2023, it is the perfect time to ensure that Elders have a chance to record their thoughts and wishes with regards to young people participating in the referendum and using their democratic voting rights.

This film is in Ngaanyatjarra language. A second version of the film will be released in due course with English subtitles. However, it is important that Ngaanyatjarra speakers have an opportunity to speak in their own voice without interpretation in this, the year 'For Our Elders' 2023.

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