Tjintu Desert Band - Tjamuku Ngurra

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Description Singing in the Aboriginal language of Luritja, Tjintu Desert Band (pronounced Jin-Too) combine funk, rock, reggae and dub grooves to create a distinct desert sound that simultaneously captures its wide-open spaces, its brutal beauty and its formidable darkness. Large and powerful tribal choruses combine with roots and rock influences - featuring Spanish inspired acoustic guitar, rock reggae electric riffs and all supported by a consistent moving dub bass.

The first track to be released to radio is the title track - Tjamuku Ngurra. It opens with an irresistible Santana-like riff that expands into a potent tribal chorus driven by more funk based riffs. Lifted off Tjintu Desert Band’s debut album of the same name this song & album showcase the new sound coming out of Central Australia right now!

The music video for their title track, meaning ‘Grandfather’s Country’ was shot in Alice Springs, featuring band members, local talent, and Alice Springs identity and breakfast presenter ‘GMan’, from CAAMA Radio. Extra footage from community concerts were filmed in the Central Australian Aboriginal communities of Amata and Hermannsburg.

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