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Description New music video from East Journey

'Bright Lights Big City'; is the first single from "The Genesis Project", featuring Yothu Yindi.

It’s about how we live in a fast moving, shrinking global village with all the pressures and deadlines of modern life. How we forget to live in the moment and reflect that life is for living now; and how we can remain centered and strong and think about what is really important to us and remain balanced.

'Bright Lights Big City' is a guitar driven song accompanied with yidaki beats that travel along a solid groove in the rhythmic bass and drum lines.

Released on June 13, 2014 with a perceptive film clip directed and produced by National Indigenous Music Award winning film-maker Naina Sen, the single 'Bright Lights Big City' is taken from "the Genesis Project" due out September 2014.

Produced by charismatic rocker Stevie Salas (ex American Idol Musical Director) for South Apache Productions, (an LA producer and talented musician in his own right) who has worked with the likes of Mick Jagger, Aerosmith, Parliament Funk, Justin Timberlake and Rod Stewart; the upcoming "Genesis Project" heralds in a new dawn for young supergroup East Journey.

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