Creation Story 1

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Description Yidumduma Bill Harney. Filmed by Maya Moltzer, Edited by Russ Hopkins. Photos by Paul Taylor, David Lee. Produced by Paul Taylor, Yubulyawan Dreaming Project 2013.
Chapter One: Yidumduma introduces us to the 3 major Ancestors Rainbow Gorrondolmi, Frog Lady Dungdung and the Sky Boss Nardi. Rainbow creates the oceans, marries Dungdung and they have many children in the water. Dungdung creates and moves onto land and marries Nardi the boss of the stars who comes down from the sky. They have many children all over the land and Rainbow becomes very angry and brings a flood to the land. The people go to the high ground and throw spears at Rainbow driving him back into the ocean and the flood goes away.

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