New Future, Reaching High by The Lúrra Collective

Young Way

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Description Written, recorded and filmed in 5 days, as part of an ongoing Desert Pea Media initiative in collaboration with the amazing community of Maningrida NT in Central Western Arnhem Land.

This video is an outcome of the second DPM project in Maningrida during 2014, and was made possible through a partnership between Desert Pea Media, Malabam Health, The Wiwa Project and Maningrida Greats Youth Service.

The Maningrida community is home to many language groups and clans from around Arnhem Land - one of the last remaining cultural strongholds for Indigenous Australians.

This song features over 30 performers of all ages and aims to create dialogue around local social and cultural issues such as kinship, healthy relationships, sexual health, cultural celebration and respect for women and all people in Maningrida.

The transference of knowledge and wisdom from elders to youth is at the core of this project. All lyric writing was done in a collaborative process between strong community leaders, old and young, sharing and discussing these important values and lessons.

A special thanks to Noeletta Mckenzie and the Youth Centre staff for hosting the project, Maningrida Education Centre for accommodating us, to Natalie Carey and the Wiwa Project for her support and commitment, and to Victor Rostron for his ongoing guidance and direction.

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