Krien Por Country by Kankawa Nagarra

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Description Lyrics inspired by Big Bill Broonzy, “A Worried Mind” recorded 1957. Story of me and my people, stuck in some Kimberley towns, can’t get away because alcohol, drugs and bad fast food is keeping and crippling us down here. One day we shall get up and decide to go back to our beloved land and country no longer to be weighed down by these crippling realities.
Siddaan heya jinkini baad blaa kantri.
(Sitting here, thinking about country)

Sumting puddu waid laa mi.
(Something is weighing me down)

Grog an gunyja an noogud one mangarri puddu waid laa mi.
(Alcohol and gunja, and bad food are weighing me down)

Mind naad jingini baad gud wai an clia.
(My mind is not thinking clear)

Ayi garra girrup an goobaik laa kantri.
(I will get up and go back to country)

Naad garra lirrim baad grog an gunyja an noogud one mangarri purru waid laa mi.
(Will not let alcohol and gunja, bad food weigh me down)

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