Kanyirninpa Ngurrara: Looking After County

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Description Kanyirninpa Ngurrara is the Martu land management program that is operated by Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ). The Martu are the traditional owners and native title holders for 13.6 million hectares of the Western Desert. The Martu have managed their country for thousands of years using their
intimate knowledge of Jukurrpa (dreaming), country, culture, plants and animals. Over the past 50 years or more the country has changed as the Martu moved out of the desert to communities and settlements on its fringes. Since 2009, the Martu have been actively involved in managing their country through KJ’s Kanyirninpa Ngurrara program. In this DVD you see and hear from numerous Martu about their involvement in the program and find out about the range of activities undertaken by KJ with the support of government and project partners.

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