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Description Wurundjeri Women and Sport: Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin' is biofilm of Aunty Joy Murphy-Wandin, Wurundjeri Elder. In this film she tells the story of the land itself and how the rivers, creeks and trees are an essential element of the Wurundjeri experience yesterday, today and tomorrow. She describes how women in the past moved on the land, caring for and playing with their children and how much of their work was never-ending but was supported by a sense of play.

Her family dedication to sport is shown as an intrinsic part of her life and she tells us that the women played a vital role in supporting the men in VFL and AFL football. Today she recounts how families are brought together by sport and how 3 generations of her family continue the sporting tradition.

This film is intended to show the importance of sport to Aboriginal health and well-being, to build respect for Indigenous Australians, particularly the Wurundjeri Nation and to help us all to understand the vital importance of caring for the land itself.

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