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Description In 2015 the Indigenous Hip Hop Project crew visited Derby to make a hip hop video. Mowanjum Community filmed their segment of the video out bush a the local wetlands, lots of people turned up and we had a great evening dancing and filming as the sun set over the Derby marshland. This video is a special edit the IHHP put together to thank Mowanjum Community for their support.
The evening was organised by Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre.

The Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Cultural Centre is a creative hub for the Worrorra, Ngarinyin and Wunumbal tribes, who make up the Mowanjum community outside Derby, Western Australia.

These three language groups are united by their belief in the Wandjina as a sacred spiritual force and the creators of the land. They are the custodians of Wandjina law and iconography.

The centre hosts exhibitions, workshops and community projects, as well as the annual Mowanjum Festival, one of Australia's longest running indigenous cultural festivals.

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