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Description Vessels of Life installation was part of a larger project called Collisions - a cross cultural artists collaboration project and exhibition at the Shepparton Art Museum.

Aboriginal artists Aunty Cynthia Hardie, Eva Ponting and and Lyn Thorpe worked with Japanese born artist Naomi Ota over an 8 month period to create the installation Vessels of Life . Each of the women are highly regarded for their specialist skills and knowledge of textiles and cultural traditions. Combining organic, raw and man-made materials, the artwork engages with diverse cultural histories, artistic traditions and expertise such as weaving and making fibrous textiles. In Aboriginal cultures coolamons were traditionally used by women to carry food, water or cradle babies. In Vessels of Life, their inclusion represents spiritual birthplace, cycles of life and gathering sustenance. Silk is widely recognised in both Asia and European cultures for its strength, beauty and resilience and the Japanese have long utilised silk worms for craft-based textile production. Within the work, raw silk threads are placed tree-like in the space create a sense of movement and flow, complementing the suspended mobiles which refer to blood-lines, genealogy and a sense human connection.

Established in 2006, Kaiela Arts is an Aboriginal art centre located in Shepparton. We provide an important space for artists and the community to connect with art and culture. Our work drives important outcomes for both our artists and the broader Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community.
With a rich Indigenous heritage, the Kaiela Dungala (Goulburn Murray) region is home to many talented artists – Kaiela Arts represents more than 80 of those artists and helps to share and support their work. Artists receive training and mentoring at the centre, and the work of many artists has been exhibited around the State, in some cases winning prestigious awards.
We offer an accessible studio and social space for local artists to connect, create and share art. The centre is a welcoming environment for everyone to learn about Aboriginal cultural arts.
We provide training and professional development opportunities for member artists at all levels, including exhibitions and collaborations with artists and non arts organisations outside the gallery.

We are active in promoting the South Eastern Australian Aboriginal linear art styles, which is traditional to the Aboriginal peoples of the Kaiela-Dungala region.
We provide employment and training for Aboriginal people both as staff and artists. There are many opportunities to connect with the wider community through events, exhibitions, projects and workshops.
Our Gallery and shop is a point of sale for the work of our artists, providing them with a channel to market their work, connect with their buyers and earn income. The gallery and shop provides locals and visitors with a place to acquire local Aboriginal art.
We educate the community about Aboriginal art and culture, through our in schools program – Galyan Manu, for students and teachers. We also offer workshops and cultural arts information sessions to the general public.
All artwork is produced locally by members of the Dungala Kaiela Aboriginal community and includes paintings, didgeridoos, woven baskets, woodwork, ceramics, clap sticks, boomerangs, jewellery,carved emu eggs and poker work and well as books, cards and textiles..

Our Vision
Kaiela Arts strives to facilitate opportunities for Aboriginal people in the
Kaiela-Dungala (Goulburn-Murray) Region to connect to culture through the arts; empowering future generations.

Our Mission:
Kaiela Arts enable Aboriginal artists in the Kaiela-Dungala (Goulburn-Murray) Region
To tell their stories through art and build pathways to professional excellence and recognition, connecting with and sharing culture across two worlds and further enabling the physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of the whole community.

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