Yaburara Flying Foam Massacre 150 Years On, 2018

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Description YABURARA MASSACRE IN THE PILBARA 150 YEARS ON Murujuga National Park lies within the Burrup Peninsula and Dampier Archipelago and is home to one of the worlds most ancient rock engravings and is also the place where a massacre of the Yaburara people took place in 1868. Yaburara descendants organised the first remembrance day in 2013 and this year marks 150 years since this atrocity took place. Actor, Ernie Dingo was brought on board this year to highlight the history of the Flying Foam Massacre and the Remembrance day will be held on the 15th of April at the Burrup massacre site at 10am. The story has been passed down by ancestors of the survivors and transcripts of early pioneers who took part in murdering over one hundred men, women and children. Audrey Cosmos is the Project Officer from the Yaburara and Mardudhunera Aboriginal Corporation and would like people to research what happened and make their own mind up about how they feel and would like to see you there on the day.

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