National Youth Week: Special Message from Toby and Ronan


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Description A special message from guest Youth Week presenters Toby and Ronan.

ICTV is proud to celebrate National Youth Week!

From the 13th through to the 22nd of April

ICTV will have two hours of special Young Way programming – every day on ICTV starting at 3pm.

Friday the 13th, till Monday the 23rd of April.

This special programming has been picked by Young people in community, for Young people in community.

All of the special playlists have been selected from ICTV PLAY.

Happy Youth Week everybody!

National Youth week on ICTV is proudly supported by ALPA, Colemans Printing and Yirara College.

National Youth Week on ICTV!

ICTV, showing our way!

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