The Lúrra Collective 'Homeland Calling'

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Description In April 2015, Desert Pea Media held a two-week community engagement/song writing project with young people and community representatives in Maningrida, NT – a small and very remote community in Central Western Arnhem Land, NT.

The community of Maningrida is one of the most multilingual places on earth – with 14 different language groups spoken daily.

The first verse - written by local songwriter and cultural leader Victor Rostron recognizes and names the major language groups in the community: Barlngadarr, Baraba, Lumbirra, Marlirri, Wurrbarn, Wakmarran, Karrdbarn, Bularrdja, Naburrdo, Bunku, Warrdangu, Warragarrdi, Bullumurr, Nadjodi (Taking care of country), Gulmardu, Gurro, Mawalangu, Miridj, Garadjangnu and Mowarlangu.

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