Nathan Sutherland’s Yarn - The Hardest Step

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Description Part of the 'Break It Down: Community Conversations Around Mental Health' project 2017/2018. (DPM/PHN WNSW)

Going in to speak with a psychologist can seem like one of the hardest things to do, but once you take that leap, you will feel better than you’ve felt in ages. No one knows this more than provisional psychologist, Nathan Sutherland - one of only two hundred psychologists in Australia who identify as Aboriginal. Nathan has lots to say about being supportive to your friends and family, or anyone going through a tough time. Helping each other as a mob is essential, and sometimes it’s as simple as checking in with the people you care about. “Don’t let mental illness define you”, says Nathan. Take that step and reach out if you’re not feeling well. Nathan, and many healthcare professionals like him are here to help.

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