Dinner Under The Stars: Warren H Williams - Desert Harmony Festival 2018

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Description Dinner Under the Stars is a show brought to you by Barkly Regional Art's Desert Harmony Festival.

We present to you Warren H. William's performance of our closing night. Track listing below:

All Songs written by Warren H Williams (except where else noted)

01:43 - What A Place
06:48 - Western Wind
10:44 - Raining On The Rock (John Williamson & Warren H. Williams)
16:20 - Looking Out
21:20 - What Makes Me Happy
24:30 - Desert Water (Dani Young & Warren H Williams)
29:00 - Family
35:00 - A Million Years
40:18 - Woke Up This Morning
47:01 - Great Southern Land (Iva Davies)
53:48 - Woke Up This Morning (Encore)

The Band:

Warren H. Williams - Guitar & Vocals
Louise Lam - Keyboard
Jodie Rottle - Flute
Jack Walton - Guitar
William Thomson - Bass

Live Mixing done by Peter Caloutti.

Post Mix and Mastered by Jeffery McLaughlin from Barkly Art's Winanjjikari Music Centre.

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