Hoodlum - Dallas Woods ft. Jerome Farah

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Description HOODLUM - Dallas Woods FEAT Jerome Farah

“Tryna label me a hoodlum, Tryna say I got no good blood in my veins
I’m a say I’m a good man
My melanin got you feeling some type of way…”

Dallas Woods releases his sophomore single Hoodlum featuring Jerome Farah on Friday 7th December 2018.

Old school hip-hop meets new. Hoodlum is hard hitting with strong lyrics, but in his inimitable style Dallas Woods softens the blow with cheeky wordplay and a sweet hook. The hook adds a copacetic element whilst retaining the lyrical intensity giving you a comfortable place to sonically soak in this message.

“Stigmas and stereotypes really drove me to write this song. Seeing it unfold in front of my own eyes on multiple occasions was a real motive not to let this subject slide with out bringing awareness to the matter.

As a young Aboriginal man who was raised in both worlds I see how stigmas and stereotypes play a big role in how the everyday person perceives another’s ways and beliefs without knowledge and that in itself breaks innocent people, and in most cases it also stops one from trying to break barriers. Only the brave talk but it should not be that way one voice is powerful but many will bring change. I write with genuine belief the message will be heard.” says Dallas Woods
His cutting lyrics and quick flow brought Dallas immediate attention. When Dallas released debut track “9 times out of 10” earlier this year it was instantly added to triple j,RAGE, topped the AMRAP charts and earned him a pivotal performance slot at Splendour In the Grass. Here he blew the crowd away with his dynamic one-man show that packs a punch of ten man.

“Labels and racism do not go together,” says Dallas Woods

Produced by Jerome Farah at Next Level Studios, Brunswick Melbourne.
Film clip directed, shot and edited by Brayden Carter Fun Films, in and around Melbourne.

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