Zero Point: Episode 4: I Have Come to Grant You Sovereignty

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Description As the Australian Parliament burns, A.F.E.C.O. arrives to fight the terrorist Samson. The battle stretches across the country to Maralinga Test Facility where Zero-Point discovers a terrible truth about the Government's post-human program.

ZERO-POINT: SEASON ZERO introduces to the world the first Indigenous hero; packed full of suped up terrorists, over-regulated superheroes, addictive “super-drugs”, Government lies and action-packed fight scenes. Filled with political subtext mirroring many contemporary social issues including the on-going fight for sovereignty of our First Nations people and the fallout of the top secret Maralinga Nuclear tests.

Based on the original comic book by writer/director Jonathon Saunders, ZERO-POINT features an all-star cast with award-winning actor MARK COLE-SMITH (The Drover’s Wife, Last Cab to Darwin, Picnic at Hanging Rock); as ZERO-POINT; STEPHEN OLIVER (Black Comedy) as the post-human terrorist SAMSON; and EBONY MCGUIRE (Yirra-Yaakin & Ilbijerri Theatre Company) as WING COMMANDER.

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